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Welcome to Kitewing - Hand Held Wings

OY Kitewing Sports AB of Espoo, Finland is the sole manufacturer and developer of the Kitewing- a line of hand held wing sails designed and built in Finland. "The wing" as it is called [ because of its shape] is a personal power supply that is used on any low friction surface. Enjoy a safe, exhilirating, year-round sport with friends and family!


While favored by snow and ice sailors, the wing can be used on any low friction surface. Mountain boards, skateboards, dirt surfers, roller blades, and others are used on everything from pavement to desert sands to beaches. When it comes to low friction sailing, Kitewing has you covered.


The wing folds and travels easily in a lightweight ski bag. Take it with you on ski trips to expand your options. Windy or icy conditions can ruin a ski vacation. With a wing, a wind blown lake or field becomes a playground. Stay home for local sessions on a local field, lake, or golf course.

Safe & Manueverable

"No strings attached" means that a wing can sail in small places, close to trees, and without fear of sudden uncontrollable surges. The wing lets you safely master the wind, and fly where you want to sail. Drop it to Stop it! Kitewing keeps you and your family safe with total control.

Kitewing World Championships 2013

Kitewing Ice